Naam Ras Pio


Naam Ras Commemorative CD vol 2 of 8

Naam Ras Kirtan Darbar - Singapore - 22nd to 25th December 2006


Professional Recordings of Kirtan with a perfect mix of the East and West.
Featuring Kathas in Punjabi and English too.
Wonder vocals by both lead and chorus singers.
Mix of traditional Indian and Modern Western Instruments.
Lots of Simran embedded into the Kirtan to help You connect to God.

A must buy collection for all Kirtan Lovers. Get the full Volume now.

Vol 2 of 8 features :


rwm nwm rsu pIE ]

Ram Naam Ras Pio |

Drink in the Sublime Essence of Waheguru Ji's Name.

Bhai Manjit Singh Ji

nwm ris jo jn iqRpqwny ]

Naam Ras Jo Jn Terptaney |

Those who are satisfied by the essence of the Naam…

Bhai Gurnam Singh Ji (with Katha)

rwm nwm ris mwqy ]

Ram Naam Ras Matey |

They are intoxicated with the sublime essence of Waheguru Ji's Name.

Bibi Simranjit Kaur Ji

suMn smwiD nwm rsu mwqy ]

Suann Smadhe Naam Ras Matey |

In deepest Samaadhi, they are intoxicated with the essence of the Naam.

Bhai Surjit Singh Ji

keI koit nwm rsu pIvih ]

Kei Kote Naam Ras Pivhe |

Many millions drink in the essence of the Naam.

Bhai Manjit Singh Ji

Kirtan By :

Sant Surinder Singh Ji, Bhai Gurnam Singh Ji, Bhai Manjit Singh Ji, Bhai Surjit Singh Ji, Bibi Gurvindar Kaur Ji, Bibi Simranjit Kaur Ji, Bhai Harinder Singh Ji, Bhai Harminder Pal Singh Ji


Tabla & Instrumentations by :

Bhai Balvinder Singh Ji, Bhai Kamal Singh Ji, Bhai Harminder Pal Singh Ji

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