Everyone aspires to be Happy. We seek for it everywhere, but the true source of Happiness and how to get it is taught in easy clear way in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji... the Holy Scriptures of the Sikhs.

Read over 100 Quotations from the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji on 'Happiness'. Especially Compiled for you and your loved ones who are in pain, sorrow, sadness and difficulties.

Makes for a heart warming reading on any day! Another Quality Product by UniversityOfSikhism.com. Quotations are in Gurmukhi, English, Hindi and their Transliterations.

Purchase this e-book now and be blessed. Read it online on your computer, or print it and bring it around.

“Once again, I think you have created another miracle in the Annals of Sikhi. Your work merits 7 Temples of Pure Gold. The layout/design work looks great. I look forward to more booklets on the Messages from MyGuruJi. Stay in touch. Hugs.” – Sukhdev Singh (Master Coach Dev)


Excellent Job Done! This booklet presents My Guru Ji's messages in a simple yet effective and inspiring way. It inspires me to want to learn and fully understand a Shabad a day. It looks Grand... just what Our Guru Ji Deserves, nothing less. " - Sharonjeet Kaur


“This little book offers a clear and easy-to-understand introduction to My Guru Ji’s teachings. Sri Guru Ji Granth Sahib Ji is the Guru of All Mankind in the dawning of the New Age. Sikhism a Blessing! ”– Sat Narayan Kaur Khalsa


“A friendly yet firm stepping stone for seekers looking to learn more about the teachings of the Sikh Religion. Glad I came across your website. I love this & look forward to getting the complete set.” – George Baker Henderson


“The profound principles of Sikhism’s teachings are systematically and lucidly presented in a very readable style that is contemporary, sweet and convincing. Too Good!” - Ranjit Kaur


“The simple, 'fun' approach makes this a sure-win with teens and Sikh children of all ages. Every parent must get a personal copy for each child.” - Preet Kaur Sethi

“As I read these Messages from My Guru Ji, I was challenged in some ways but inspired and encouraged in others. Thanks for this wake up call and reminder on my true mission on Earth.” - Navneet Kaur Sohanpal


“This little handbook is a True Gem! Besides helping me to connect with My Guru Ji, it is a terrific eye-opener; perfect for people of all races, religion and age groups. Your Excellent work has made me a believer in My Guru Ji. Fabulous, Thought-provoking and Wonderful. I want you to know that you made a difference in my life and I will carry your book with me everywhere I go. Anyone out there who has this book will find it to be Inspirational and Uplifting each day. WOW! – Santhia Kaur (Master Coach FFC)

“I awake daily to read these Messages, before getting out of bed and do it again at bedtime. I realise that those who take these messages to heart will have the promise of a new, happy and fulfilled life.” - Kiran Oberoi


“I had lot of questions about Sikhi and as I read these Messages from My Guru Ji, answers come to me directly or indirectly in precise and accurate form. Thank you, This is a True Blessing!” - Rajinder Singh Ghataurey


“In short, this is a priceless little booklet to carry around and share with your friends! I want to pre-order more copies of the next edition now to distribute to all. There is no better way of putting my Daswand to good use” - Anmoldeep Singh


“I wish I had this 50 years ago when I was a youth! Alas, Better Late than Never! Herein you will find the timeless wisdom of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, presented with clarity, brevity and accuracy. Very Good.” - Barinder S Jaggi

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