Read a whole month of Daily Quotations from the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji on various topics. Especially Compiled for you and your loved ones.

Makes for a heart warming reading on any day! Another Quality Product by UniversityOfSikhism.com. Quotations are in Gurmukhi, English and their Transliterations.

Purchase this e-book now and be blessed. Read it online on your computer, or print it and bring it around.

“Once again, I think you have created another miracle in the Annals of Sikhi. Your work merits 7 Temples of Pure Gold. The layout/design work looks great. I look forward to more booklets on the Messages from MyGuruJi. Stay in touch. Hugs.” – Sukhdev Singh (Master Coach Dev)


Excellent Job Done! This booklet presents My Guru Ji's messages in a simple yet effective and inspiring way. It inspires me to want to learn and fully understand a Shabad a day. It looks Grand... just what Our Guru Ji Deserves, nothing less. " - Sharonjeet Kaur


“This little book offers a clear and easy-to-understand introduction to My Guru Ji’s teachings. Sri Guru Ji Granth Sahib Ji is the Guru of All Mankind in the dawning of the New Age. Sikhism a Blessing! ”– Sat Narayan Kaur Khalsa


“A friendly yet firm stepping stone for seekers looking to learn more about the teachings of the Sikh Religion. Glad I came across your website. I love this & look forward to getting the complete set.” – George Baker Henderson


“The profound principles of Sikhism’s teachings are systematically and lucidly presented in a very readable style that is contemporary, sweet and convincing. Too Good!” - Ranjit Kaur


“The simple, 'fun' approach makes this a sure-win with teens and Sikh children of all ages. Every parent must get a personal copy for each child.” - Preet Kaur Sethi

“As I read these Messages from My Guru Ji, I was challenged in some ways but inspired and encouraged in others. Thanks for this wake up call and reminder on my true mission on Earth.” - Navneet Kaur Sohanpal


“This little handbook is a True Gem! Besides helping me to connect with My Guru Ji, it is a terrific eye-opener; perfect for people of all races, religion and age groups. Your Excellent work has made me a believer in My Guru Ji. Fabulous, Thought-provoking and Wonderful. I want you to know that you made a difference in my life and I will carry your book with me everywhere I go. Anyone out there who has this book will find it to be Inspirational and Uplifting each day. WOW! – Santhia Kaur (Master Coach FFC)

“I awake daily to read these Messages, before getting out of bed and do it again at bedtime. I realise that those who take these messages to heart will have the promise of a new, happy and fulfilled life.” - Kiran Oberoi


“I had lot of questions about Sikhi and as I read these Messages from My Guru Ji, answers come to me directly or indirectly in precise and accurate form. Thank you, This is a True Blessing!” - Rajinder Singh Ghataurey


“In short, this is a priceless little booklet to carry around and share with your friends! I want to pre-order more copies of the next edition now to distribute to all. There is no better way of putting my Daswand to good use” - Anmoldeep Singh


“I wish I had this 50 years ago when I was a youth! Alas, Better Late than Never! Herein you will find the timeless wisdom of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, presented with clarity, brevity and accuracy. Very Good.” - Barinder S Jaggi

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