Attract A Soul Mate Mystical Secret Chants.Mp3


Attract A Soul Mate Mystical Secret Chants.Mp3

The Four Main Prerequisites to Attract Your Soulmate.

Finding your soulmate is not so difficult. However, before delving into the book more deeply, let's have a look at the necessary fundamentals you have to know.
These 3 prerequisites are commitments that you need to embrace and practice inside yourself as well as in your outside world:

1- Live a Soul Purposed Life. Aim to what is eternal.
You need to have a soul purpose as the driving force of your life. I am not talking about knowing what your ultimate mission is, but an inner and definite commitment to live in order to learn everything about your soul and grow through this process.

2- Relax and Experience Love and Beauty.
These qualities are of your soul and are reflected in each and everyone of us from the Universe. By the moment you perceive these qualities all the veils of separation between you and someone else start to fall.

3- Generate Magnetism.
If you don't have magnetism nothing that you wish to obtain can come to you. Even if you hold the image in your mind of what you desire and try to support it with all your intention, without magnetism (generated by the conscious direction of your energy ) there is not enough power to project that image on a physical level. The great master Paramhansa Yogananda formulated this principle: "The higher the will, the higher the flow of energy. The higher the flow of energy, the higher the magnetism".

Please note that the key factor in generating magnetism is Will Power, and you need to apply it in order to succeed.

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